Dowlais RFC | 1st Team 9 - 41 Newbridge RFC | 1st Team
Sam Watkins
4 Conversion
Robbie Turley
1 Try
1 Penalty
James Gahan
1 Try
Stuart Vokes
1 Try
Jakob Seamus Duffy
1 Try
Gavin McDonnell
1 Try
Luke Morgan
1 Try

Match Report
30 November 2021 / Team News

13/11/2021 Dowlais v Newbridge WRU Admiral Division1 East Match Report

Dowlais Vs Newbridge 13/11/2021 Match Report
Dowlais: 9
Newbridge: 41

A thorough but valiantly-fought defeat for Dowlais this week at home against Newbridge.
Things certainly felt uncertain for Dowlais going into this game, especially after their
previous encounters with Newbridge, and while the final score can tell you for the most part
how it went, there’s still plenty of good to take away from the performance.
Despite what the final score might suggest, the game began evenly enough and the
visitors were by no means out of sight by the end of the first half. An early visit from Dowlais
to the Newbridge twenty-two unfortunately concluded without a try, but they managed to
make their way back to halfway with a penalty under their belt and the first points of the
However, Newbridge’s following try attempt turned out much better for them,
quickly landing themselves behind the line for five points.
This first back-and-forth would set the stage for the rest of the half, and really the
rest of the game. Newbridge’s attacking efforts remained relentless from start to finish, and
despite Dowlais’ consistent efforts whenever the ball came to them, they were unable to
land any tries of their own. Two further penalties in the first half (both kicked by Sion
Martin, along with the first) were the only other points they earned all game.
Meanwhile, Newbridge’s score only climbed higher, and the gulf between them
seemingly widened with each exchange, with Newbridge kicking a penalty of their own and
scoring two more tries, one converted, before the half-time whistle blew.
20-9 down and with no successful tries to their name against their opponents’ three,
Dowlais certainly didn’t enter the second half hopeless, but were definitely staring at an
uphill battle.
And nothing got any easier for the home side as the second forty kicked off, still
unable to find the try-line with the ball in their own hands and under constant, unrelenting
assault when it found its way into Newbridge’s.
Newbridge soon widened the gap further with another converted try, with a
following yellow card definitely not helping Dowlais’ case either. Two more tries would
come for Newbridge before the final whistle, both of which were also converted despite the
breezy conditions, and unfortunately, Dowlais would end the game without a point in the
second half.Certainly, looking at the game from a purely result-oriented perspective, the tries,
the kicks and the points, it doesn’t seem like there was much good to take away from it, but
like I inferred before, I don’t think that tells the full story.
Although clearly not successful, Dowlais showed their usual grit and determination
from start-to-finish whenever an attacking opportunity arrived, never wavering even with
the final 32-point lead they had to try and close by the game’s end.
And perhaps more so, from a defensive perspective the boys had a great
performance. For every offensive play from Newbridge that got through, two or three more
were stopped, especially impressive considering how much of the game they were under
So while not a victory, and not even a close defeat, there’s still plenty for Dowlais to
be proud of from this performance. Hopefully, some of these qualities can go towards a
victory two weeks from now when Dowlais play Monmouth away.

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