Dowlais RFC | 1st Team 0 - 35 Brecon RFC | 1st Team
Lewys Cooke
1 Try
Dean John Gunter
5 Conversion
David Elgan Lewis
1 Try
Jonathon James
1 Try
Ryan James
1 Try
Tudor Roderick
1 Try

Match Report
22 January 2019 / Team News

19/01/2019 Dowlais Vs Brecon Match Report



Brecon: 35

An expected but nonetheless dissapointing defeat for Dowlais this week at home against Brecon.

It seemed as though the writing was already on the wall this week for Dowlais as they prepared to face the top team in their division at home, with the gap in both spending and positive results throughout the season, the result of this game seemed close to a foregone conclusion. Unfortunately it seems as though those fears were true.

The majority of both halves consisted of Dowlais constantly pinned down in defense against the relentless Brecon attack. Despite great defense under pressure, Brecon managed to secure themselves 4 converted tries in the first half and a fifth in the second half.

Meanwhile Dowlais struggled to escape their own half for more than a few minutes at the time. Due to the poor and muddy conditions of the field, their situation only worsened as the ball continuously slipped from their hands during contact or crucial passes, although this was a problem that effected both teams to an extent.

Despite the overwhelmingly negative odds, one thing that can be said for Dowlais was that they kept defending their hardest and trying to break over the Brecon try line to the very end, even if they ended up with little to show for it.

It looked briefly as though Dowlais would get some consolation in the final minutes with a try of their own, but unfortunately they were foiled once again by the Brecon defense and muddy conditions at the last turn, the final whistle blew and the game was over.

Despite the seemingly purely negative result of this game, I really can’t see much more that Dowlais could have done. Simply put they were outmatched by a more capable team that they had no hope of keeping up with, and considering the fight they put up throughout and especially the second half, I find myself still content with this result.

Next week, Dowlais plays Nelson away.

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