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17 September 2018 / Team News

08/09/2018 Dowlais Vs Brynmawr Match Report



Dowlais: 8

Brynmawr: 47

Dowlais’ rough start to their season continues this week with yet another loss to Brynmawr here at home.

For the majority of the first half, both sides seemed roughly equal, with both teams having ample chances for tries. But none of those chances were realized, not as regular tries anyway.

Alas, Dowlais conceded an early penalty try for collapsing a scrum early on in the game. But nothing seemed dire quite yet. Both sides were giving equal efforts to score and promise began to show after a penalty kick from Dowlais’ Steve James brought the score to 7-3 to Brynmawr.

Unfortunately a chance to close the score gap further with another penalty kick failed and before long Dowlais had conceded another penalty try for the same reason as the last one, leaving the half on a sour note.

Things failed to get better in the second half as the equal balance of possession disappeared quickly, leaving Dowlais defending in their twenty-two for a long time, conceding a converted and unconverted try early one.

Despite the bleakness of their situation, Dowlais sprung back to life for an excellent try from Kristian Owen, albeit an unconverted one. This relentless attack seemed ready to return as play resumed, only to be snatched away by a converted interception try, leaving Dowlais with a daunting score of 33-8 against them.

Unfortunately, things refused to improve for Dowlais for the remainder of the game, conceding two more converted tries in the final stretch of the game, losing with a score of 47-8.

One of Dowlais’ biggest hardships towards the end of the game was their high numbers of intercepted passes, which gave away some tries and cost them others during their late-game spurt of attack.

On the bright side however, there were many noticeable instances of great attacking during the late game, particularly the plays leading to Kristian Owen’s try, it’s just that they were unfortunately hampered by a large amount of interceptions.

For now however, Dowlais will just have to go back to the drawing board for next week’s away match against Cwmbran, hoping their season will truly be able to get started soon.

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